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This wiki is about the iOS/Android/PC game series "Dead Effect" made by Bulkypix and InDev Brain.




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  • new page Tau Ceti
    created by Kawarino
    New page: Tau Ceti is the upcoming expansion for Dead Effect 2. It seems to feature a tropical planet, along with new enemies.
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  • new page Lucky Charme
    created by Kawarino
    New page: Is a Level 15 General Ability that increases the drop rate of items. Chance: 105%/110%

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  • new page Power Control
    created by Kawarino
    New page: Is a Level 15 Ability, that decreases the cost of all abilities. Power: 94%/88%/82%
  • new page Secret Orbs
    created by Kawarino
    New page: They are holographic images hidden in almost every levels of Dead Effect and Dead Effect 2. They are needed along with others achievements, to...
  • edit Zeal
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  • new page Damage Boost
    created by Kawarino
    New page: Is a Level 10 Ability that buffs momentaneously the user's damages. Target: Self Amount: 150%/180%/209%/240%/269% Duration: 5.0s/5.3s/5.6s/5.9s/6.3s...
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