Power Armour is a powerful equipment that helps increase Jane's, Gunnar's or Kay's maximum health, power and energy. There are armor sets all the way up to level 20 (maximum level achievable).

There are four end-game sets - the Deathstalker Suit, Svartalfar Armor, Immortal Armor and Dark Mirror Plate. These sets are each unique.

There are three main armor suits the available to all levels - Vindicator Mk. 3, Frontliner and Infiltrator armor suits.

The Frontliner suit maximises the health increase of the wearer,

Vindicator Mk. 3 is an all-rounder Type armour suit, adding to the health stat as well as adding to the power and energy statsstat.

Infiltrator armor is the opposite of the Frontliner set, maximising the power and energy boost of the wearer.