The Razor after charging.


The "minigame", which requires you to swipe to a specific direction to dodge hits.


The finishing part of the minigame.

The Razor is the 1st out of 2 Bosses in Dead Effect, and is one of the easiest to eliminate.

Health, Stats and OtherEdit

The Razor has huge health, shown by the health bar when you are in its vicinity. The Stun Gun does the most damage, but is the most dangerous to use, as there is a possibility of accidently getting in the way of its charge attack. Optionally, you can use your gun. If using a gun, shoot the Razor in the head to maximize the damage done. Getting knocked down by the charge attack will cause the Razor to walk to you and attack you. As soon as he reaches you and starts the "minigame", you will automatically get bullet time, and in this time, you must swipe in the direction the arrow is showing, or you will take damage. Once you have dodged enough hits, the player will get out their Stun Gun and electrocute the Razor, knocking it to the floor. Use this time to pump lead into it, or retreat and recover.

Other InfoEdit

You only encounter the Razor twice in the entire story.

Wagner notes that this is a mutant, and that it is strong and fast but not agile, which means that the Razor cannot change direction while charging, which is helpful for players who find maneuvering hard.